Becoming a precious therapist who can brighten up people’s lives through scalp treatment method

Today, our lifestyles are becoming more diverse.
Living in the 100-year-life society, it is important to learn how to benefit both mental and physical health correctly.

Sleep plays an essential role in various fields such as beauty, health, medical, sports and space industry.

Sleep is gathering wide public attention right now.
Good sleep dry head therapists will help you sleep better by treating both inside and outside of your body.
We promise to enhance your brilliance and vitality through the therapy.
The new healing—the integrated head therapy.
Dry head massage is not only a low investment business but a skill that can be mastered quickly.  Even a beginner can become a successful therapist right after mastering the skill regardless of age, sex, country and region, place, time, type of industry and main or side business.  Dry head therapist is an ideal professional skill.



Head treatments will help you sleep better and
Those who are not satisfied with these conditions;

All the hard works didn’t pay off.

Becoming fortune telling addition.

Becoming license mania.

Building up skills doesn’t connect to the next step.

You may have a huge potential of becoming a quality sleep dry head therapist who can contribute to society in the field of natural treatment.

We will support your challenge and contribution for the bright future.


Training of quality sleep dry head therapists and supporting their activities.
Holding networking events for the therapists.

Volunteer activities
Product development support system
Consulting service

Organizing trainings, business seminars and lectures.

Operation of instructor training projects
All the projects concerning above.

Business regarding above mentioned project